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OFFmural-es began as an alternative to Montreal’s Mural Festival’s mostly white dude invitation/participation.

Offmural-es asked the questions:

«Where are the women street artist at Mural Fest? »
«Where are the queer street artists at Mural Fest? »
«Where are the street artists of color at Mural Fest? »

Above are some of my contributions to Offmural-es. 

Many thanks to Stela for inviting me to be part of it and expanding my awareness about the street art community. <3 

OFFmural-es on FB

Stay tuned for more alternative street art updates!

oh wow! I wanted to do a post about this.

OFFmuralES website for feminist, antiracist, anticolonial & anticorporate street art 

and contact if you are a street/graffiti artist sharing these perspectives and want to be part of the on-going project.


Fun times!!

More soon//all the time!

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Sticker winter battles cute vs cold!!!
Cute win?

Herbarium Fantastico was a collab performance I did live feed analogue projections for at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundations in Athens, Greece with Dancers Hen Lovely Bird, Ale Fabbri digital projections Alessandra Werkstatt prosthetic light up instruments Ian Hattwick live sound Eric Lewis and Guido De Flaviis. We developed this piece at the KoumariaResidency.



By donating as much as you possibly can will help us have access to the tools we need to successfully complete our next live audio/visual/movement/interactive technology piece in Barcelona and Berlin 2014.  Even if you can just pass this on to someone you think might be interested in our work or donate, everything helps! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I did some amazing collabs with this crew at the Koumaria residency. They are making new research and work with interactive interdisciplinary new media dance/performance. Check out their indiegogo video! Donate and share!

Some images that trace the transformation of costumes and projections as they developed through the piece. 

From a “blind date” collab I did with contortionist Karianne Hayes and her German wheel for Studio 303’s Metamorphose in Montreal, Canada 2013.

Photos by: Valerie Sangin

(Source: Flickr / zuzu_knew)